Where we play:- The Lower Brickfields
                         Brickfields Sports Centre, Madden Road, Devonport, Plymouth. PL1 4NE.

                    We hope to  be moving to our new piste at the end of Kings Road near Stonehouse Bridge in late
                      July or early August
  When we play:-  Commencing the 27th March each Sunday at 2pm and Wednesday at 1pm..
                         At the end of summer play starts at 1pm on both days.

  Our sessions last for around 2 hours with a break for coffee,tea,biscuits and quite often doughnuts when it's a
member's birthday. On Wednesday evenings in June we often have fish & chips from nearby. We all enjoy the breaks
as much as the boules and regard our sessions as a social gathering where we have all made many new friends.
  Contact Rob at  heypreston1@gmail.com       07772 730098 for more info on how to join our Club.

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                                                                                                     ABOUT US

Petanque in Plymouth started in a very small way in the summer of 2014 when around half a dozen complete novices armed with nothing but their holiday boules and loads of enthusiasm met on a weekly basis to play on the paths a of a very small park just off Mutley Plain. Later that year a purpose built single piste was constructed by Plymouth City Council in the nearby park at Freedom Fields. The group transferred their weekly games to this new site and numbers started to increase. It very soon became apparent that a larger terrain would be needed and that, perhaps, we should form a proper club.
  In July 2015 Plymouth Petanque was formed and we moved into our new home at Brickfields Sports Centre in Devonport. Here, where the centre had provided us with a ten piste terrain, the club has quickly grown to its present position with around 60 members and twice weekly sessions.
We meet for social games every Sunday and Wednesday afternoons throughout the year with an average attendance of around 25 to 30 players. These sessions are eminently suitable for new players as we play to basic rules with the emphasis being on fun rather than competition (and we always break off halfway through for a cup of tea, a biscuit and a chat!)
For those players who like a more competitive element to their game we  play in the Devon Petanque League and there are also opportunities to play in other tournaments across the region. 
Plymouth Pétanque Club is a friendly, caring, non-profit making organisation dedicated to promoting the game of pétanque in Plymouth and surrounding area, providing an environment that is affordable and attractive to everyone, regardless of age or background, and enables a wide range of people to play their chosen sport at all levels, maintain their fitness and socialise.

   Our Mission
Our large piste at the Brickfields, Devonport, Plymouth
          Plymouth Pétanque